Is There Such A Thing As A Trustworthy Mechanic?

At some point everyone needs a mechanic for their car, and it’s hard to find a trustworthy mechanic. However there are steps you can take to help you choose the lesser of all evils when it comes to who repairs your transportation. In the end you need to be able to trust the guy repairing your brakes, putting on your tires and monitoring your fluids.

Trusting Dealerships
Many of us just throw our hands up and take our car to the dealership when we have problems with them. If you consider that they are the experts when it comes to your specific make and model it’s a smart option, unfortunately it’s also a pricey one. When it comes to rare vehicles and some imports it is probably advisable to stick with dealership expertise. Same if you hold an extended warranty purchased from the dealership, at least be sure to stay within their approved mechanic circle to ensure you do not void any part of your warranty.

In reality most of us don’t drive rare imports and don’t want to pay the extra money the dealership will charge us. This coupled with the less than average customer service that many experience at the hands of any dealership service department make a trip there for repairs nothing short of a horror movie. Never fear, there are other options.

Chain Service Shops
There are many chain shops to choose from, which is confusing if you consider that many times mechanic shopping is done under duress. Give yourself peace of mind and research your mechanics before your car breaks down, so when something goes wrong you already know where to take it. Chain mechanics can be tricky, some franchise locations may employ better mechanics than others under the umbrella of the same name. This is generally a trial and error process, so if you find one you think you like, be sure to always have a plan B. .

Neighborhood Mechanic
Not all of us are lucky enough to be in the car business, or even know anyone with any mechanical skill. However, many times a local neighborhood mechanic can be your best bet. Often they are mom and pop shops and that makes every customer an important one. This can also mean much more personalized service from someone who wants to get your future business. Lacking the impersonality of chain store mechanics just working for their hourly, this option may cost more than the chain stores do, but could just prove to be worth it in the long run.

No Matter Where You Go, Do These 3 Things First

Finding the good stuff is never easy, but if you follow the few simple steps below you can at least start off with the best to choose from

  1. Look them up with the Better Business Bureau. Right away you can eliminate mechanics who have had negative reports filed about them. Our lives are busy, if someone took the time to report them, they aren’t worth a second glance.
  2. Utilize organizations such as the ASE, start off with options that are well endorsed.
  3. Ask your friends. Everyone knows how hard it is to find a trustworthy mechanic, so be sure to ask around. Usually people are happy to share a good mechanic, lets keep the good ones in business folks.