8 Ways To Ensure You Car Stays Young Even After 150000 Miles

Automobiles were always built to last and that is the reason why we see antiques manufactures centuries ago still running and not just in museums. If you take good care of your car it can stay young well past 150000 miles and this is not true only for Japanese cars.

Be a parent to your car and nurture it well:

  1. Be tuned in to the car and learn to recognize coughs, sputters, and knocks. This will help you get a problem fixed well before it becomes big.
  2. Drive the car with care and avoid dents, scratches, and bangs. Always drive carefully and follow rules.
  3. Follow the maintenance schedule stringently. Create a maintenance minder for the car and pencil it into your schedule or diary. Better still get a contract with the garage and let their customer service people remind you. Get parts replaced on time. Get the car tuned and keep an eye on mileage and time.
  4. Create a car maintenance and repair fund in your financial planning. If you save small amounts regularly the repair bill will not scare you into buying a new car. Preparing for contingencies will ensure that you don?t need a credit card advance or loan. It will keep you well out of the debt trap.
  5. Always use parts provided by manufacturers. Never resort to using substandard parts in the car. And try not to delay maintenance servicing or parts replacements.
  6. Keep the car spik and spank and learn how to fight rust. The World Wide Web has several websites hosted by the AAA, car enthusiasts, as well as manufacturers that have tips, schedules, and articles as guidelines for car owners who care.
  7. Drive the car gently don?t ride it rough. If you want to be a racer get a car suited for that and be ready to half the life of the car.
  8. Read the car owner?s manual and manufacture?s website. Be informed and read car blogs and forums where car enthusiasts share information. Learn all about the car and how to maintain it. Once in a while get a friend who is careful to drive the car and tell you if he notices anything wrong —a wobble, knock, or sounds.

Always park your car in a safe spot. Keep in clean. Know all about weather proofing and more. If you care the car will stay young and working well past 150000 miles and save you a lot of money which you will spend when buying a new car. Imagine no loans or interest payments.

The World Wide Web is a knowledge highway and is replete with driving tips and car maintenance tips. Find websites that are relevant to your model of car and store them as favorites. Watch car shows, read car magazines and know how to take care of your car which will take care of you.